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Kome Eleyae


posted on 6th June 2017

“I am a 19 year old student from London, currently reading Architecture in Edinburgh. I am a keen artist, writer, musician and aspiring architect. As a Briton with Nigerian parents, I feel as though I’m right on the threshold between my British Identity and my hereditary Nigerian Identity. Being in that cultural liminal space, I feel gives me a more rounded insight into both cultures, where I can learn from the various positives and negatives in both. Through the arts, I can attempt to explore both cultures and I am able to reconcile both sides of who I am.

As a young creative, my practice is dependent on inspiration from and partnerships with people from all walks of life. In light of the recent rise in the “nativism and narrow nationalism” that Our Global Future is rallying against, it is now imperative for creatives to come together to form a counter narrative of tolerance and community.”

Kome Eleyae