• “Whilst progress may not be automatic, it can be built – just like any other business objective – with real commitment.”
    Sir John Parker
    British businessman who has chaired 6 FTSE 100 Companies
  • “The UK construction sector’s demand for skilled migrant workers from the EU and beyond cannot be overstated. If the next Government implements an inflexible immigration system that hinders the ability of talented foreign construction workers from making their way to the UK, any manifesto pledges relating to the delivery of housing and infrastructure will be rendered meaningless.”
    Brian Berry
    CEO, Federation of Master Builders
  • “EU migrant labour has become important to almost every sector of agriculture from dairy herdsmen, to hatchery workers and, most notably, seasonal workers to plant and harvest crops. An abrupt reduction in the number of EU workers able to work in the UK after leaving the EU would cause massive disruption to the entire food supply chain.”
    Meurig Raymond
    President, National Farmer’s Union

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