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MAC report


posted on 18th September 2018

Responding to the MAC report ‘EU Immigration in the UK’, Global Future Director Peter Starkings said,

Today’s MAC report is the most comprehensive analysis of European immigration this country has ever seen. But its recommendations must not be misunderstood. The MAC make ‘in isolation’ proposals in which immigration has no impact on the Brexit agreement. In reality immigration is central to the negotiations.”

“What the analysis shows is that immigration has been good for Britain. The 500,000 who arrived in 2016 will make a net contribution of £27bn over their lifetime in the UK. Overall European migrants pay £5bn a year more in taxes than they claim in benefits and public services, and they keep our struggling NHS and social care sectors going, in high and low skilled jobs that we simply cannot fill without them.”

“The old myths should now finally be put to bed – from benefits to schools to jobs again and again this report shows that migrants cause none of the problems for which they are blamed, in fact European workers boost productivity, innovation and training.”

“The MAC was asked to make the case for a new immigration system in isolation, but in the real world what this report actually does is make the case for the continuation of free movement. As Global Future research shows, when given the choice the public would rather maintain Free Movement and close trade links with Europe than throw it all away – and face the higher taxes or cuts to public services that would inevitably result. The MAC report comes at just the right time to help stop our government making an appalling mistake.”


Notes to Editors

  • Global Future Director Peter Starkings is available for broadcast comment. Please call 07740 347 362
  • Global Future research shows that when given the choice, a representative sample of British adults choose closer ties with the EU and the continuation of Free Movement by a wide margin over other plausible Brexit Scenarios: Too high a price? The cost of Brexit – what the public thinks
  • Global Future’s research on the role migrant workers play in social care and the NHS can be found here and here