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posted on 4th April 2018

Responding to today’s ‘Future UK-EU relationship’ report from the Brexit, Global Future CEO, Gurnek Bains,

The Brexit committee is right to set out tests for any future deal. Our future prosperity depends on being open to the world, not closing ourselves off. New barriers to trade between the UK and the EU, and new controls on the movement of workers, would make all of us worse off without substantial benefits in return.

The EFTA/EEA option put forward by the committee is better than anything the government is proposing. It would meet most of the committee’s tests and be relatively quick to negotiate. The premature rejection of this option by the government is an error: if it fails to get the concessions it wants from the EU, it will need a fallback option.


Notes to Editors

The Brexit Committee report, ‘Future UK-EU relationship’ can be found here