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Changing the world means changing the way we think. We use psychology to provide fearless and original insight on the challenges facing our times. We believe that each of us needs to question our beliefs and assumptions, particularly when it may be counter-intuitive or uncomfortable to do so. We aim to guide leaders, from business to politics, arts and civil society, to ask bigger, deeper questions about how we can best serve our communities. With this courageous reflection, we believe we can achieve stronger and more meaningful change.
Global Future
  • “We use the power of psychology to bring new insight and understanding to global affairs. We believe that leaders from every nation can learn from deeper reflection, empowering them to do more for our communities.”
    Gurnek Bains
    Founder & CEO
posted on 28th April 2022
British people have more in common than we think. Whilst a healthy diversity of thought exists, there is strong consensus amongst the British public on many issues.
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posted on 31st October 2021
This report discredits mainstream stereotypes that climate concern is simply an issue for the southern middle class, finding that eco-anxiety is shared across our country.
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Our Activities

Exploring issues and publishing research that helps understand the benefits and challenges associated with globalisation and migration. We also want to hold up an honest mirror to different societies on the strengths that can sustain them on the world stage and the concerns they need to tackle.
Helping businesses thrive on the world stage through building the leadership muscle and ways of working that enable them to be inclusive and globally successful.
Arts & Culture
Our common humanity flourishes in the arena of art and culture. Global Future will work to ensure that artists and creative industries benefit from open cultural exchange and the free flow of global talent. We will also support cultural and community activities that release creativity and bring people together to break down barriers.

Our Publications

England Our England
posted on 25th November 2020
An important piece of our British history illustrated so beautifully by Global Future, this book honours the lives of the ‘silent generation’ of African, Caribbean and Asian migrant pioneers.
Update: The England Our England book is now sold alongside the important and seminal (must-see!) Life Between Islands exhibition of Caribbean British art 1950’s - now, at the Tate Britain until 03-Apr 2022.
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