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Laura sandys
Laura Sandys
former Chair of European Movement UK and Conservative Party Member of Parliament

Laura is a leading advocate of building a more productive and efficient economy, a promoter of greater demand production policies placing consumers at the heart of markets, and an innovator in food policy.
Laura brings an unique set of thinking, networks and skills harnessing innovation from the commercial, public policy and academic worlds to deliver new solutions to business and organisational problems.

As Chair of the European Movement, Sandys played a role in campaigning to remain in the EU during the 2016 referendum on EU membership, albeit critical of the official umbrella campaign Britain Stronger in Europe. After the result, she resigned as Chair of the Movement and was succeeded by Richard Corbett. She remains defiantly pro European.

In 2006, Sandys was placed on the new 'A-list' of Conservative candidates ahead of the 2010 general election.[15] In October 2006, she was selected to stand as the Conservative candidate for Thanet South, defeating Mark MacGregor, the party's previous candidate at the 2001 and 2005 elections. The constituency was then held by Stephen Ladyman for the Labour Party. She lives locally within the constituency in the town of Ramsgate, Kent. In the 2010 General Election, Sandys gained the South Thanet seat from Stephen Ladyman with 48% of the popular vote.

Sandys is a Vice-President of the Debating Group. In August 2014, Sandys announced that she would not be standing in the 2015 General election. She explained that, "I have been considering my future in light of a wide range of family demands and have decided that I cannot combine the level of dedication and service needed for the constituency with my growing personal responsibilities to those closest and dearest to me."

Incumbent thinking needs to be challenged to deliver new strong business and organisational solutions driven by innovation in products and services.