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about us
  • “The UK construction sector’s demand for skilled migrant workers from the EU and beyond cannot be overstated. If the next Government implements an inflexible immigration system that hinders the ability of talented foreign construction workers from making their way to the UK, any manifesto pledges relating to the delivery of housing and infrastructure will be rendered meaningless.”
    Brian Berry
    CEO, Federation of Masters Builders

Global Future is an independent think tank campaigning for Britain to be a vibrant and open nation that reaches out to the world.

We believe the dynamism of our economy and creativity of our culture depends on our country remaining open to people, trade and ideas from across the globe. That improvements in people’s lives will come from harnessing the great potential of global partnerships and that the current drift towards nativism and narrow nationalism represents a huge threat to the very people it professes to serve.

We seek to educate and help people appreciate the benefits of international openness. We also want to understand the genuine issues that stand in the way of realising these benefits and to develop solutions that help smooth the path to our collective global future. We explore new ways for people to take more control over what matters most in their lives without cutting themselves off from opportunities to succeed in our global world.

We work across politics, the arts and in business to make sure Britain’s unique character as a country of tolerance and diversity is not undermined by short-term thinking that would make us a narrower and lesser nation. We are also committed to helping our businesses develop the leadership and culture to help them succeed on the world stage. In addition, we are active in ensuring that Britain’s artists and creative industries benefit from open cultural exchange and the free flow of global talent.

Our Directors

Gurnek Bains
Gurnek Bains was born into a Sikh family from the Punjab and arrived in Britain at the age of 7 to grow up in London’s East End where his parents worked on the railways or in local factories. The support he received from them, his teachers and fellow pupils gave him the confidence to flourish and he, along with all five of his brothers and sisters, went on to obtain degrees and post graduate qualifications. He was eventually awarded a doctorate in psychology from Oxford University.
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Kylie Bains
Kylie is a co-founder and director of Global Future, where her role centres around strategy, consulting and media relations. The inception of Global Future came from her personal belief that the world is sleep walking into a destructive, lose-lose mindset and that we need deeper and more substantial arguments to counter these trends.
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Our Advisory Board

Professor Jonathan Portes
Professor of Economics and Public Policy, King’s College, London
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Akram Khan
Internationally-acclaimed dancer and choreographer
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Paul Roseby
CEO and Artistic Director, National Youth Theatre
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Professor Miles Hewstone
Director, Oxford University, Centre for the Study of Intergroup Conflict
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Laura Sandys
former Chair of European Movement UK and Conservative Party Member of Parliament
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Fiona Dent
Board Director, Advisor and Trustee
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