News / A fresh outlook for 2017 – Gurnek Bains launches Think Tank Global Future

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Global Future

posted on 7th February 2017

Gurnek Bains launches Global Future, a forward-looking think tank and movement which seeks to build bridges between different cultures for the benefit of society, business and the arts. Gurnek is the co-founder of YSC, a global leadership consultancy. He led the business for 25 years to a position of global preeminence, with 18 offices worldwide and a client base comprising over 50% of the FTSE100. He is also the author of ‘Cultural DNA: The Psychology of Globalization’ (Wiley 2015) and author of ‘Meaning Inc: The blueprint for business success in the 21st century’ (Profile Books 2007). He is regularly asked to speak at conferences and leadership summits and he is also the Chairman of the Akram Khan Company, an internationally acclaimed contemporary dance organization which embraces an open, fair and meritocratic spirit in the art of dance.