Global Future is an independent think tank campaigning for Britain to be a vibrant and open nation that reaches out to the world

We believe the dynamism of our economy and creativity of our culture depends on our country remaining open to people, trade and ideas from across the globe. That improvements in people’s lives will come from harnessing the great potential of global partnerships and that the current drift towards nativism and narrow nationalism represents a huge threat to the very people it professes to serve.

We explore new ways for people to take more control over what matters most in their lives without cutting themselves off from what they need most to succeed in the future.

“We campaign across politics, the arts and in business to make sure Britain’s unique character as a country of tolerance and diversity is not undermined by short-term thinking that would make us a narrower and lesser nation.

Latest News

Our new report is out! We are delighted with its wide coverage in a number of respected international media platforms. We hope it moves the debate in the right direction. See more here:

UK needs more immigrants to ‘avoid Brexit catastrophe’
Patrick Wintour Friday 19 May 2017 08.17 BST
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Conservative manifesto 2017: 200,000 foreign workers needed to stop ‘catastrophe,’ say experts after Tory migration pledge
Joe Murphy Friday 19 May 2017 11:01 AM GMT
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Our Activities


Exploring issues and publishing research that helps understand the benefits and challenges associated with globalisation and migration. We also want to hold up an honest mirror to different societies on the strengths that can sustain them on the world stage and the concerns they need to tackle.


Helping businesses thrive on the world stage through building the leadership muscle and ways of working that enable them to be inclusive and globally successful.

Arts and culture

Our common humanity flourishes in the arena of art and culture. Global Future will work to ensure that artists and creative industries benefit from open cultural exchange and the free flow of global talent. We will also support cultural and community activities that release creativity and bring people together to break down barriers.


Cultural DNA is a thought provoking book for successful engagement with cultures around the world. Presenting ground breaking original research and the latest evidence from neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and psychology, the deepest instincts of eight key global cultures are dissected. Readers will understand the psychological themes at play in regions such as the U.S., Latin America, Europe, China, India, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Australia.

Each culture has attributes that developed over thousands of years to address unique environmental challenges. This DNA drumbeat from the past reverberates through each society affecting everything. Globalisation demands that cultures learn to work within each other’s needs and expectations, and the right mix of people skills, business acumen, and cultural awareness is key.

Every now and again a new book comes along, that is a must read: Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point or a Seth Godin’s Tribes. Cultural DNA, by virtue of its depth, originality and ambition, is that very book for all global leaders.

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